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Michael is a Denver based artist with a degree in architecture.

On March 29, 2018 Michael suffered a life altering stroke. He has had to relearn things such as tying his shoes, how to write and paint, and is largely focused on regaining his ability to communicate verbally. With this, has come a new expression of art, in the abstract form. 

As a rare side effect of the stroke Michael has Chromesthesia. 
This can be best understood as sound to color- in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color. With this Michael is truly able to bring his passion for music to life! 

When Michael listens to music, he involuntarily sees color. He is then able to take that inspiration and put it on canvas. This means each abstract canvas is a one of a kind, and creates a very unique expression for those who love music. 

Making the transition from watercolor realism to acrylic abstract painting inspired by his Chromesthesia, Michael has once again found his creative outlet as well as a tool to improve cognitive and motor skills. Art is Michael’s greatest form of expression, and he loves sharing it with others. 

Michael is now taking custom orders, bringing your favorite songs to life through painting. By sending him your favorite song, Michael will listen, and recreate the music on canvas. 

If you would like to contact Michael, please email him at:

Due to the stroke, please note his communication in return to you may be brief! But your interest in his work is greatly appreciated.


2016 | Why Not Niwot? | Niwot

2016 | McHahon Gallery | Boulder

2017 | CORE New Art Space’s THE RED SHOW | Denver


2016 | People's Choice, 1st Place | Silent in the Morning | Why Not Niwot

2016 | Silver Ribbon | Back on the Train | Why Not Niwot

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